How to Play Uno Card Game – A Game That Explodes All Senses

Have you ever heard of it? Uno card game Or come across colorful Uno cards? This card game has a special appeal and is suitable for all participants. Let’s explore this interesting card game in the house’s following article New88 our reputation.
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What is the Uno card game?

Uno is a famous card game originating from America, belonging to the boardgame genre, loved by many people around the world – especially young people.

The Uno card game has an interesting way to play and is very suitable for creating a lively atmosphere when gathering. That’s why this game is quickly popular all over the world!

The way to play this game is to find a way to discard the cards in your hand until there are no more cards left. The Uno has had many different versions since its inception.

Rules of the classic Uno card game

With the classic Uno card game, we will have very detailed rules of participation and require strict compliance.

  • The game is suitable for people aged 7 and up, the game will require 7 to 10 people to play together.
  • At the beginning, each member will receive 7 cards into their hand.
  • The remaining cards will be placed in the middle of the table.
  • Besides, the cards that have been used are also placed in a different location.
  • The person who opens will be the person holding the position on the left hand of the dealer. At the same time, everyone must play cards in order, clockwise rotation.
  • If you want to win against the rest, you must be the first to finish all your cards and shout Uno loudly when playing the last card.

The “powerful” cards in the Uno card game

In this card game there are very powerful and special cards, please refer to them:

“Wild” tag

When playing the Wild card, you have the right to choose a new color for the next card (including the color of the current card) to continue playing. If this card is played from the beginning of the Uno card game, the person to the left of the dealer will play the Wild card and choose the color for the first turn!

Thẻ “Wild Draw 4”

As mentioned above, when you play this card, you can choose the color for the next turn as you wish.

If there is no similar card suggested, the player will have to draw 4 more cards. This card has almost the same effect as the “Wild” card, but it also involves drawing additional cards, creating many more difficulties.

Card “Draw 2”

Once you draw the Draw 2 card, the person sitting next to you will have to draw 2 cards into their hand and give up. In case the card is played first, the first person will receive 2 more cards. According to the rules, that card can only be played on the same color or with another Draw 2 card.

“Reverse” tab

This card reverses the direction of play for a game Uno card game. For example, if you are playing clockwise, then after playing this card, the turn will change to counterclockwise or vice versa.

“Skip” tab

The next player after playing this card will be “skipped” and lose their turn. If at the beginning of the game this card has been played, the next person to the left will be forced to skip their turn. Similar to the Draw 2 card, this card can only be played above another skipped card or of the same color.

Detailed instructions on how to play the Uno card game

Apprentices need to immediately grasp the rules and instructions for playing this card game as below:

Play cards with the same numbers or colors

Each player at the Uno card game table will be dealt 7 cards and played in clockwise order. When the game is your turn, you will have to have a card of the same number or color to play. If that person has a valid card, the turn passes to the next person.

Rules for playing special cards in the Uno card game

If the participant does not have any card that is considered valid but has Wild or Wild Draw 4 in hand, he or she can play that card to avoid drawing.

The Wild card in the Uno card game allows players to choose any color. In case the player does not have any cards of the same color or function cards, the player must draw one more card and continue his turn.

If the drawn card still does not satisfy the above requirements, the player must continue to draw until there is a suitable card to play.

In addition, there are special function cards in the Uno card game to increase the fun and difficulty of the game, if you want to challenge yourself to win.
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If you are the last player with only 2 cards left in your hand, you must quickly shout “UNO” to notify everyone.

At this point, everyone will try to prevent that player from playing the last card. This is the moment when the friendship can be disturbed, because other players can cooperate to attack you by using special cards like “draw more cards” which is extremely dangerous.

Why does Uno appeal to many ages?

With great interest from the community, Uno card game certainly has its own attractions:

Uno is suitable for many people

This game is not picky about participants, especially young children can also play. Because each game can have up to 10 people, the entertainment atmosphere will be even more exciting.

Uno card game is easy to play anywhere

The uno deck design is extremely compact, easy to carry anywhere. Along with that, the Uno card game is also available at many online bookies so it is very easy to connect. Everyone can absolutely join the game anywhere you like.

The rules of Uno are quite flexible

Uno card game rules are always flexible and can be changed to suit each playing group. When playing with friends, you can add extra rules like “draw 4 cards” when placing a “+4” card or “skip turn” when placing a “skip turn” card. This rule creates challenge and drama for the game.

All the information you need to know about Uno card game wasNew88 summarized in the article above. The game is extremely interesting and also a new form of card game. Come to the card game lobby New88 Experience it now!

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