How to Play Scratch Cards Effectively Win Wins for Experts

How to play scratch cards is of interest to many people learning about the game for the first time. Although the gameplay of the game is relatively simple, everyone needs to grasp the in-depth gameplay to improve victory. Therefore, let’s find out all the relevant information accurately with New886!

General information about scratch card games for beginners

Knowing the basic information about the game will help you quickly learn How to play scratch cards exactly. Accordingly, the game appeared in our country for a long time and is loved by many people. People also call this masterpiece with many familiar names such as: Three-card card, 3-card, lien,…

Today the game has become popular and loved with its online version at New88 home page. You can quickly experience the game any time you have free time. This is an interesting form when the player owns three cards to raise and compare points to find the winner.

How to play scratch cards in detail, bettors need to understand clearly

To confidently participate in every game, you need to clearly understand the relevant information How to play scratch cards basic. This is the foundation that helps people easily build their own path.


Only when you clearly understand the terminology in the game can you easily have a scientific basis to build your own strategies.

  • Raising: This is where the dealer chooses to raise more money. The next player will follow or denounce more so the game can continue. In the case of this personality test, the bet is lost.
  • According to: This is the term that shows that the player needs to enter the money by making a previous raise. If you don’t follow, you need to bet more and wait for the person behind. In addition, you can also leave so the game ends right now.
  • Set: The simple thing is that the player does not follow the call and decides to lose this bet. Here gamers need to wait for the results to be announced until the game ends.


When starting out, you need to understand the information clearly How to play scratch cards basic to confidently apply all game board.

Number of players

In each game there will be from 2 to 6 participants, in addition, there are games with more players as long as each member owns three cards. With the online version of this game, there is no limit to players, so you can participate freely.

How to play scratch cards in detail

Bettors who need to place money on the game will be called a dealer. After playing cards, each person needs to proactively read the cards once for good luck. This is the action that shows the member drawing a card from the set that has just been set aside.

Each bettor is dealt three cards clockwise. With the online version, Dealer distributes to all brothers. After finishing, gamers need to check the score and open the cards. When two people have the same score, the system will divide the money into the game wallet.
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In case three people have the same score, one more game will be needed to determine the result. This is the usual rule in scratch card games that you need to understand. Only then can people avoid the risk of losing money.

Experts reveal how to play scratch cards with unbeatable experience

General, How to play scratch cards It’s basically not difficult, but you still need to grasp some specific playing tips to win bets.

  • New members joining the game need to take the time to carefully study the rules and basic gameplay. This is the foundation to help you build strategies and directions suitable for the ongoing game.
  • Don’t forget to allocate your capital well into each game to be able to participate in scratch cards and betting sustainably at the house.
  • Members need to regularly update their knowledge do Experts share on the forum. These are the experiences they go through after participating in the scratch card game.
  • In fact, this game’s results depend a lot on luck, so you don’t need to be too discouraged if you lose a few games. Now take a break for a while to relax your mind.


The article has been fully updated with information surrounding the content How to play scratch cards exactly. Through these shares, I hope you will improve your ability to win. Join the game today New88 bookmaker for perfect entertainment moments and big bonuses.

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