What is Over/Under Betting? How to Bet on Winning Odds

Over/under betting is not a type of betting that is unfamiliar to most soccer bettors. However, if you really still don’t understand this match thoroughly, let’s go New88today sports Learn more in detail through the following article.

What is an over/under bet?


In basic soccer betting, there will be 3 traditional types of bets that are loved by many players including European, Asian, over and under. The highlight is the over-under bet, also known as the over-under bet, the over-under bet, a type of betting based on the total goals scored in the match.

Based on that theory, bettors obviously will not need to worry about which team will win the match. Instead, players just need to make a prediction about whether the total number of net shakes in the match will be greater or less than the odds given by the house:

  • If the match has more goals than the O/U limit from the house: the player who bets over wins the bet, the player who bets under loses all money.
  • In case the match has few goals compared to the over/under odds given, the player who chooses under wins the bet, the player who bets chooses over or loses.

Over/under odds are common when betting

On the odds table given by the house, there will be many over under rates with very diverse ways of playing. Right now, let’s take a look at how to read over/under football odds that investors most often encounter.

Odds 0.5

The half odds ratio of 0.5 is the lowest limit of over/under bets that the house can offer in a competition. Accordingly, this O/U level usually only appears in the first half of matches or the second half of matches without any goals scored at 65 – 70 minutes.

Then, if you participate in this ratio, the player’s winning or losing bets will be calculated as follows:

  • Choose Over to win if the match has at least 1 goal scored.
  • The player who bets under wins when the match ends with a score of 0-0.

Ratio 0.75

In the over under 0.75 bet, the player’s winning or losing bet will be calculated accordingly as follows:

  • Choose your account:
    • Players win enough when the match has 2 or more goals.
    • Player bets are counted as winning half the money when the match has exactly 1 goal scored.
    • The player loses the entire bet when the 0-0 result stands.
  • Choose under:
    • The bet is considered a full win if the heroic match ends without any goals being scored.
    • In case there is exactly 1 goal, the player will lose 50% of the bet amount.
    • If the match has more than 2 goals or more, the bettor will lose all capital.

Full ball over/under ratio

In the form of soccer betting over under integer balls, players will have their selected bets calculated according to the following instructions:

  • Lying:
    • The match must have more than “n +1” goals for the player to win the bet (with “n” being an integer ratio of 1.0, 2.0, 3.0,…).
    • If the match ends with a maximum of only “n-1” goals, the bettor will lose the entire invested capital.
  • Choose under:
    • The match has less than “n-1” goals, the bettor will win the full amount corresponding to the bet amount.
    • The heroic match has at least “n+1” goals scored, the player’s bet will be counted as losing the full amount.
  • In case the match ends with exactly “n” goals, the bettor will be refunded by the house.

How to predict football over/under from experts

To increase the ability to make the right choices when betting on over under bets, bettors should learn the following betting methods from experts.
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Choose bets based on statistics

Bettors who want to win bets need to synthesize detailed data surrounding the match including:

  • Statistics of scoring achievements in recent matches,
  • Calculate the team’s rate of conceding goals through each match.
  • Recent average exploding rate.
  • Results of previous confrontations.
  • The rankings of both sides on the overall table at this time.

Analyze fluctuations on the ratio table

The over and under levels offered by the house will always fluctuate 24/7. Therefore, players need to constantly update changes from the bookmaker on the offered odds. If you receive an unusual loss, bettors should immediately adjust their bets to best match the current O/U level.

Refer to betting forums

Before football matches, especially important matches, there will often be articles predicting results from experts on forums. What players need to do is search, synthesize those analysis/predictions and compare them with their own initial judgment to be able to make the best choice in the match.


The above article contains all the most important knowledge about over/under betting that players need to grasp before participating in this type of betting. Thank you for your interest and see you again in upcoming articles at New88.

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