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YANSEN YSUUDH1 Industrial SATA: Reliable and Cost-Effective Storage Solution

In industrial and embedded applications, reliable and efficient storage is crucial for seamless operations. YANSEN‘s YSUUDH1 Industrial SATA drive is a highly dependable and cost-effective storage solution designed to meet the unique needs of industrial environments. With its compact form factor and high-speed SATA interface, this drive offers exceptional performance and reliability for critical applications.

Compact Form Factor and High-Speed SATA Interface

The YSUUDH1 Industrial SATA drive from YANSEN features a compact form factor, making it suitable for space-constrained industrial systems. Its high-speed SATA interface ensures fast data transfer rates, with a maximum read and write speed of 35/25 MB/s. This enables efficient data storage and retrieval, ensuring smooth operations in industrial environments.

Versatile Capacity and NAND Flash Technologies

With a capacity range of 8GB to 64GB, the YSUUDH1 SATA drive caters to various storage needs in industrial applications. It utilizes both SLC (Single-Level Cell) and MLC (Multi-Level Cell) NAND flash technologies, striking a balance between performance and cost-effectiveness. This allows for reliable and efficient data storage, meeting the demands of critical industrial operations.

Perfect Solution for Critical Embedded Applications

The YSUUDH1 Industrial SATA drive is specifically designed for critical embedded applications that require fast and dependable storage. Whether it’s data logging, operating system installation, or application storage, this drive delivers the necessary performance and reliability. Its robust construction and compatibility with industrial systems make it an ideal choice for industrial applications.


YANSEN’s YSUUDH1 Industrial SATA drive offers a reliable and cost-effective storage solution for industrial and embedded applications. With its compact form factor, high-speed SATA interface, versatile capacity range, and utilization of SLC and MLC NAND flash technologies, it ensures efficient data storage and retrieval. Choose the YSUUDH1 SATA drive for your industrial needs and experience the benefits of a reliable and high-performance storage solution. Trust YANSEN’s expertise in delivering industrial-grade storage solutions, and elevate the performance and reliability of your critical industrial applications.

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