Why Trails Carolina Decided To Start an Alumni Series

Trails Carolina has created a new alumni support program for parents in 2022. They’ve held alumni events before, but this series gives graduates’ families more information to help them foster a positive environment at home.

There were many factors that led to the decision to host four events. Trails Carolina already has outstanding feedback from its first classes. They hope parents will benefit from the following.


Trails Carolina welcomes families from all walks of life. It would be nearly impossible to stay in touch without technology and much effort. Trails Carolina has made efforts in the past to help, and they are always looking for ways to connect with alumni.

Trails Carolina family coaches, therapists and mentors lead the parent alumni support series. They help alumni connect with experts so that they can gain valuable information.


It’s great to know that parents are there for your student long after they have graduated. Trails Carolina alumni ensures that they continue to build relationships with their students long after their graduation.

The alumni series consists of four strategic dates this year. However, plans for the future seem bigger than ever. The demand for these classes is increasing each year as the alumni base continues to grow.

It makes things so much easier to talk with teachers, therapists and coaches as well as other parents and graduates. This shows that parents don’t have to deal with the same battles as everyone else.

It is about being surrounded by people who understand and support you.


Trails Carolina believes that helping others is part of their value.

It’s not about just getting people to the meetings/discussions. Family coaches are happy to answer questions. These events will be more successful if parents are present.


Trails Carolina benefits as well, as do students and parents. They continue to receive feedback from parents and students about new and impactful activities that their students can take advantage of as the events go on.

Trails Carolina wants to give their students the best wilderness therapy experience possible. This class allows students to easily give feedback and help each other in any way they can.

Trails Carolina’s Purpose

Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy aims to positively impact families and provide support for future families who are looking for a high-quality program. This support will only increase the program’s effectiveness in wilderness therapy and help more families.

Trails Carolina aims to help families connect by providing as much support as possible. From the moment they first step on campus, to the day they graduate, they strive to make a lasting impact.

Trails Carolina understands that success stories are what help them grow. This series will increase the chance of success stories which will help them grow and help reach more families.

Trails Carolina hopes that every student who passes through its doors will have a success story to share a few years down the line. Trails Carolina’s staff aims to help their students succeed by teaching them the principles that have made them successful in their lives.

The Future of the Parent Alumni Help Series

Trails Carolina is already looking to the future after a successful launch in 2022. Trails Carolina has the opportunity to support their students and provide new topics each year. It’s easy to improve this class based on feedback from previous classes.

Alumni will also have the opportunity to make group calls. Trails Carolina is committed to helping its alumni achieve greatness. It is important to keep the alumni base close. This is done by offering alumni calls twice a month.

Trails Carolina offers more information, including announcements about parent alumni support series, at All official updates can be found on the website.

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