Style Your Perfect Outfit from Impulse Boutique

Fashion is all about spontaneity. You are looking for something new to wear for work, casual days, or a night out with friends. We’ll show how to create different outfits with pieces from Impulse Boutique. Continue reading to learn how easy it can be to create stylish looks.

Choose Your Favorite Attire

You can dress casually in flats, a tee and jeans. Do you prefer to dress up? Would you rather wear heels, a dress or a skirt? This is what you should consider when selecting your attire.

First, Select A Base Item

Start by choosing one piece of clothing or footwear that you will use as your “Base.” You might be unsure of where to start, so think about what you don’t have in your closet.

Begin Assembling Your Outfit

Top and Bottom

If you want to dress up, a white or brightly colored top can be paired with flashy shoes. A graphic t-shirt, or a solid color top is a good choice if you are casually dressing. If you opt for a bright top, choose a darker bottom.

If you wear solid-colored shoes, your top or bottom can be patterned. You can wear a top with patterns or a bottom.


Solid-colored tops look great layered underneath sleeveless dresses and with solid-colored skirts and slacks. Solid-colored tops look great paired with bottoms with patterns.

You can also use a solid-colored base with a decorative top.


Solid-colored tops and patterned tops look great with solid-colored bottoms such as leggings and slacks and skirts and jeans. If your bottom clothing is patterned, stick with a solid-colored shirt.

Select the Right Shoes

You can choose from plain or patterned shoes if your tops and bottoms have the same solid color. If your tops or bottoms have patterns, you can wear shoes in a solid color like nude or black.


You are almost done with your outfit. You can now add a bracelet, necklace and earrings to your outfit. You can get one, two, three, or all three. Jewelry, such as a bold necklace or bracelet is very in fashion right now. You should ensure that the metals used are the same as the original, such as all gold or silver.

If you only need one bag, choose a black or naked bag. You can have a bag that looks completely different depending on how it is styled. You should make sure your bag matches your shoes if you plan to change up your handbag every day. A scarf can be used in place of a necklace. A scarf can bring life to a plain, solid outfit!


What are you waiting to do? Shop at Impulse Boutique today to find the perfect outfit! You don’t have any excuse not to shop at Impulse Boutique!

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