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You will find both premium and new fonts that are free

Ergonomique Font

This font is unique in Sans Serif. It’s great for company logo display. However, it also works well as a body copy if you are looking for a unique style for your text design. Paulo Goode has created Ergonomique, a humanist sans serif font that feels easy to read and is meticulously crafted. It comes in 9 weights and has to complement italics. It also has beautiful features such as unique small caps and old-style figures. It also has a Latin Extended letter set.

Fact Font

This font is a modern Sans Serif Font that you can use to create your favorite designs. The font is classified as a sans-serif font that is both elegant and pointy. ParaType carefully shares it. ParaType is the one who shared it with others.

Spotify Font

Spotify is a popular music player that allows you to listen to high-quality music. You can relax with thousands of great music.

This font was created for the Spotify logo. It was thus named Spotify Font. It’s not just a popular sans serif font. This package will make you passionate about your work.

Spotify, however, is a dynamic and proportional font. This detail not only improves glyph recognition but also differentiates between individual characters.

This font allows you to mix and match vertical strokes. This font allows you to experiment with modern design projects. There are many options to make your design stand apart as soon as your work is complete.

Font Bigmaker

Din Studio has released The Bigmaker Font, a new handwritten font. Every character in this font has a wonderful feature that will make your design more natural and friendly. This hand-lettering font has a simple, elegant, and delicate cursive style.

Pittsburgh Steeler Font

Here’s another font I recommend that you use for your product. This font is Steeler Font,. The actual name is Gunplay Fonts. Style screens allow you to apply them to many of your products. This includes your logo design, your trailer, and other products in your publication. Ray Larabie, a well-known typeface designer for Typodermic Fonts, created this dynamic font. This perfect font for titling has many connections and variations.


Many typefaces are available with modern, yet elegant styles. It may be completely free, or it might only be allowed for personal projects. You should experiment with the many fonts available to discover the one that suits you best.

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