The 5 Best Events to Nail a Promotion for Lunch at Vivo City

Singapore offers a wealth of events and festivals throughout the year and is an excellent place to spend your holiday. People rush to grab their favourite foods and drink at this time, which is often the peak of dining and drinking. You can capitalize on these food promotions by taking advantage of them. To add to the excitement, restaurants offer taste lunch deals. Here are the top Vivo City events.

  1. The Chinese New Year

Chinese new year is a great time to enjoy tasty lunch promotions. It takes place around January 25th. This event lasts 15 days and is when lunch promotions are at their best. The fun summit takes place at night, but you can still eat at Vivo City’s restaurants to replenish your energy. Keep your eyes open for the best lunch deals, and be ready to grab one when it comes up.

  1. The National Day

To remind Singaporeans of the independence day, the national day is usually held on August 9th. As such, you should enjoy the festivities with a delicious lunch as you stroll around Vivo City. During this time, you could visit, a proficient restaurant inside the mall, and have a go at one of the best dishes. You can find delicious dishes at reduced prices in most restaurants during this time.

  1. Good Friday

Although Good Friday is mostly a Christian holiday, it is widely celebrated. This is a time when Christians believe that the Lord Messiah was crucified and prosecuted for their salvation. This is the best time to look over Vivo City restaurants to find something delicious to eat. Lunch promotions are often a big deal during this time. You can get your favorite dishes at greatly discounted prices. You might want to tag your family members and friends to share the fun.

  1. New Year’s Day

The New Year’s Day is a popular day for many people. It falls on the first day of the Christian or Muslim calendar year, but it still attracts a large following from the wider community. You will love the variety of delicious foods and discounted prices that this event offers. Lunch promos in Vivo City start as early as December 25th and end as late as January 1st.

  1. Christmas day

Christmas is a Christian holiday when Christians believe it’s the day their Savior was born. It also marks the moment of salvation. The celebrations are still popular with the general population of Singapore, which makes it a great time to promote food. It’s worth stopping by Vivo City restaurants to enjoy a promotion on food with your friends.


Singapore is known for its festivals, which allow you to enjoy your favourite dishes at reduced prices. Please be open to any Vivo City restaurant lunch promo and take advantage of it.

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