Making Herbal Incense

Did you ever find it difficult to choose an incense when you went to the market? It’s likely that you had difficulty choosing an incense for yourself because there are so many companies making it. You don’t know which one you like and which one you don’t. If you had known how to make incense, you would have solved that problem. You made it this far! Today’s blog post will show you how to make herbal incense.

What’s herbal incense?

Incense can be any material that produces odorous smoke. Incense is a type of smoke that we associate with and are most concerned about. It must smell nice and refreshes the room.

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Why is herbal incense better than artificial?

Apart from the fact that it is cheaper to make your own incense than buying one at a store, there are many other benefits that you can enjoy when you use it.

The effects of herbal incense on your eyes can vary depending on which herb you choose. Artificial incense can be irritating to the eyes due to the chemicals they contain.

The natural incenses are free from artificial chemicals, which means that they have a lower impact on the air quality than artificial or synthetic fragrances. If you are sensitive to strong smells, I am sure you’ve avoided burning incense before. Because they are eco-friendly, herbal incense doesn’t have strong smells.

How do you make herbal incense

There are many ways to make herbal incense. You can make herbal incense by using ingredients such as clove oil and other essential oils that are used in perfumes that contain lavender extracts.

It is best to use herbal incense blends that have a stronger scent. Make herbal incense with caution. The aromatic materials used can cause fire hazards so be careful when lighting them. Avoid burning incense in enclosed areas, such as cars, that could catch fire from heat.

You’ll Need

Fresh sage leaves

Other herbs and flowers such as rosemary, roses eucalyptus or lavender can be used, but this is not required.

Equipment that you will need


It is heatproof




After you have the necessary equipment and herbs, follow these steps to make your herbal incense.

* Create a posy

Make a posy with 8-10 sage leaves. Keep all stems together. You can also add other long-stemmed herbs or flowers to the posy. You can use any flowers, herbs, and flowers that have dried well. If you don’t have sage leaves, then you can bundle the herbs and flowers that you will be using to the leaves. Wrap the sage leaves around any other stems.

* Take a piece of cotton twine.

Cut a piece eight times the length of your bundle using cotton twine.

* Join the bundle

Gather all of the ends of the bundle and tie a knot with the twine. The knot should be approximately 1/2 inch above the bundle’s stem-end. You should leave a tail and the twine should be long on one side.

* Wrap twine around bundle

Wrap the twine along the bundle’s long end. Make sure the twine is tightly wrapped. Otherwise, the twine may become looser as the herbs dry and shrink.

* Wrap twine in another way

Once you are done wrapping, turn the twine around.

* Tie the twine to the end of the bundle

Add extra twine to the base. Fold the ends under the wrapping. This makes it easier to transport when you’re ready to light the incense.

* Dry the herb package

Hang the bundle in a dry, cool place. Let it dry for approximately 2-3 weeks. Make sure that you dry the bundle completely before you begin to burn.

Once the bundle has dried completely, it is ready to be used. Hold the handle end of the bundle and light the other end. Don’t let it burn. Once the fire is lit, turn off the flames and let the herbs smoulder. The incense should be placed high above ground. To allow smoke to circulate throughout the house, you can place it in a small heatproof dish or bowl above the ground.

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