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How to Find High-Quality Gold & Silver Jewellery

Both silver and gold jewellery are captivating and fun. You should take extra care when buying jewelry from anyone other than a trusted source. It’s not always easy to tell if antique jewelry is made of real gold or silver, or if it is just plated. It’s difficult to tell without a professional test.

How do you know if it’s a high-quality gold jewellery

The ultimate symbol of power, prestige, and fortune is gold, which is why it is usually reserved for the highest ranking members of royalty. Here are some easy tests you can do at home to determine if gold is of high quality.

Stamp Test

A hallmark is a mark or stamp that identifies the manufacturer or content of a piece of jewelry made from gold. Many hallmarks are hidden in places such as the inside of a ring. If you want to determine if your gold is genuine, the hallmark test (also known as the magnifying glasses test) is a great place to start.

Skin Test

This test involves holding a piece or jewelry of gold in your hands for several minutes. The sweat from your palms can react with the metal and cause a change in the tone of your skin. Even if you rub against true gold, it won’t make your skin turn green. Fake gold can cause skin discoloration, such as black, blue or green.

Ceramic Scratch Test

Scrape a small piece of gold over the tile or ceramic plate. Because gold is gold, it leaves a trail or mark. The rest of the metals will remain dark.

How do you know if it’s a high-quality silver jewellry

Sometimes, it might be hard to tell the difference between imitations and genuine silver. It is easy to determine if the shining metallic is German silver, Pewter or real silver. This is just as with gold and other precious metals.

Hallmark Test

The hallmark of silver is a sign of authenticity. You should also look for other authenticity signs if the hallmark is visible. The hallmark usually indicates the silver value. This is a good indicator that the item is high-quality and can be used to make a wonderful gift for loved ones. Hoskings can help you find a high-quality gift for jewelry.

Magnet Test

A magnetic test is able to determine the purity of silver because it is paramagnetic. If the item responds slowly, it is real. Magnets can be strong enough. Some alloys of metal don’t respond well to magnets, and can look almost like silver. Further tests are necessary to confirm your suspicions.

Polish Test

To polish silver jewelry, use a soft white towel. Black spots form on fabric when genuine silver is used. Silver oxidizes when exposed to air. The surface can be oxidized by rubbing it with a cloth. The object is not silver-plated or silver-plated if it has a black indicator.


There are many ways to determine if a piece is of exceptional grade gold or silver. It’s best to have your family treasures appraised by an expert to determine if they are valuable and cannot be replaced.

These are some ways to verify that the metals you are looking at are authentic, regardless of whether you are buying pre-owned jewelry or new jewelry.

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